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Sam Prather, Split Personalities (2AM Music)

Sam Prather, Split Personalities (2AM Music)

Don't miss the exciting jazz pianist Sam Prather's solo debut in his new 2AM Music release "Split Personalities"!

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1. On My Good Days 5:17 $0.99
2. Danilo 3:29 $0.99
3. A Child Born In Love 5:00 $0.99
4. 5 'til 12 5:09 $0.99
5. Only Time Will Tell 5:49 $0.99
6. Scarlet 5:52 $0.99
7. Inflection 1:26 $0.99
8. Odd 6:28 $0.99
9. Sweet Potatoe Pie 8:07 $0.99
10. Metropolis 8:26 $0.99
Sam Prather has played piano as a sideman all over his hometown, Washington DC, most notably with the soul/r&b group YaMama’Nym. This first solo album is a showcase of his composing talents in jazz combo setting. This recording of his compositions, created with a digital quartet ranges from fiery straight ahead numbers to sentimental ballads mixed in with latin and fusion. The colorful harmonies and rythmic variety set the stage for some exciting improvisational conversations and interplay.