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Michael Suser and the Night & Day Band, Second Act (Michael Suser)

Michael Suser and the Night & Day Band, Second Act (Michael Suser)

Come with us to another time, when vocalists could touch your heart and make you tap your feet at the same time. Come and listen to Michael Suser and the swingin' Night & Day Band, as they perform their Second Act.

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1. I've Got the World on a String 2:09 $0.99
2. Hey There 2:54 $0.99
3. New York State of Mind 4:45 $0.99
4. I Get a Kick Out of You 3:15 $0.99
5. Mamselle 3:56 $0.99
6. Moondance 4:34 $0.99
7. Fly Me to the Moon 3:02 $0.99
8. The Coffee Song 3:09 $0.99
9. They Can't Take That Away from Me 3:06 $0.99
10. L-O-V-E 2:19 $0.99
11. You Go to My Head 3:44 $0.99
12. Your Mind is on Vacation 3:01 $0.99
13. Night and Day 3:23 $0.99
14. On and On 4:46 $0.99
15. Ruby 4:34 $0.99
16. Witchcraft 2:33 $0.99
17. What is this Thing Called Love? 2:00 $0.99
18. One for My Baby 4:19 $0.99
19. Beyond the Sea 3:06 $0.99
20. I Could Write a Book 3:34 $0.99
This CD marks Michael Suser's triumphant return to singing. It's a labor of love, a somewhat eclectic blend of standards and a few more contemporary tunes. But at it's heart, it's a jazzy tribute to the old days of crooners, big band vocalists, and songs with meaning. Half of the arrangements are in the big band style, and the rest are smaller combo tunes. The main feel is pulsating swing, but there are ballads intemixed. The common denominator: wonderfully crafted melodies with tasteful and sometimes humorous lyrics. Michael is back by the Night & Day Band, which he founded in 1991. You can tell right away that the vocalist and the band are very comfortable with each other.