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Complexblue, Knot the Thought that Counts (LexJazz Records)

Complexblue, Knot the Thought that Counts (LexJazz Records)

Complexblues unique, modern jazz soundscape immediately draws you in with its soaring improvisations over densely layered harmonies, scintillating textures, and intrigueing new forms. The Washington Post calls it, "consistently appealing ... full of surprises both striking and subtle." Indeed, its a rare pleasure when a new groups debut recording makes such a bold and compelling statement.

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1. Knot the Thought that Counts 3:42 $0.99
2. Dreams of Benisa 9:17 $0.99
3. Tall Tales of the Tufted Titmouse 6:36 $0.99
4. All I Want 6:02 $0.99
5. dot calm 4:52 $0.99
6. Gallop's Gallop 4:57 $0.99
7. F.U.B.A.R. 6:36 $0.99
8. Wig Wise 4:01 $0.99
9. Fifth Myth 6:32 $0.99
10. Matte Kudasai 7:10 $0.99
This gorgeous Complexblue record features the innovative compositions of Lex OBrien, along with fresh arrangements of tunes by Joni Mitchell, Thelonious Monk, Duke Ellington, and King Crimson a group of artists youre unlikely to find together on any jazz record! Renowned reed-men Chris Bacas (soprano & tenor saxes) and Rob Holmes (bari sax & bass clarinet) blow along side of pianist Harry Appelman, bassist Aaron Clay, and Lex OBrien on drums, vibes, marimba, and other "weapons of mass percussion" to create this all-acoustic, sonic tapestry. The late Mike Smith adds his incomparable drumming on three of the tracks, and its arguably some of his best recorded playing in the last few years before his untimely death. Masterfully engineered and mixed by Richard Roeder, this memorable album is sure to please.