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Perry Conticchio, Speak Your Truth (Liven Up Jazz Productions)

Perry Conticchio, Speak Your Truth (Liven Up Jazz Productions)

Masterfully inspired, Perry Conticchios latest CD, "Speak Your Truth", finely illustrates his broad compositional and interpretive skills. The CD features the working quartet of Perry Conticchio (Tenor and Soprano Sax), Andrew Elliot Cox (Acoustic Bass), Lawrence "Bubbles" Dean (Drums), and Rodney Richardson (Guitar), with special guests Joseph Brotherton (Trumpet) and Wayne Wilentz (piano) each adorning two cuts.

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1. Speak Your Truth 5:55 $0.99
2. Hyperbole 8:10 $0.99
3. Midnight Rain 5:44 $0.99
4. PD's Blues 6:25 $0.99
5. November 6:59 $0.99
6. Blues for Dave 5:18 $0.99
7. Askold's Waltz 6:25 $0.99
8. Samba Stephania 5:58 $0.99
9. Magic Mirror 4:19 $0.99
10. I Can't Get Started 6:40 $0.99
11. Fuschia Swing Song 1:42 $0.99
12. Robertson Mountain 3:14 $0.99
Perrys uncompromising drive and expressive saxophone improvisations create an emotive synergy, infusing the high-energy solos and plaintive ballads with extraordinary heart. “Whether they are effortlessly shifting from 6/8 to 4/4 on the brisk "Hyperbole," gliding through the changes on "Askolds Waltz," or cooking up a lively Latin feel on "Samba Stephania," the band maintains a consistently high energy level both in backing its soloists and functioning as an ensemble. Perry Conticchio delivers genuine jazz improvising on both tenor and soprano sax in a style that is heavily influenced by the emergent saxophone school of the 1960s but remains free of clichéd phrasing and note choices. If youre a fan of modern jazz saxophone but havent heard him yet, get your hands on a copy of this CD.” Michael Laprarie, Jazzreview “Conticchio soars; He is in and out, up and down, and all over the tenor sax. Conticchio switches to the soprano on the waltz, "PD Blues." He has a captivating and warm sound on soprano and creates correspondingly appealing solos here and on "Askolds Waltz," where he takes a solo steeped in virtuosi technique. Perry Conticchio has assembled a superb group of players to accompany him on this well-crafted recording, which provides an enjoyable snap shot of his skills as a composer and accomplished performer on soprano and tenor sax.” Clive Griffin, Jazz Improv Magazine “Leader Perry Conticcho has a big imperious Coltrane-derived sound and an impressive sense for melodic improvisation that is most evident on the fast pieces "Speak Your Truth," "Hyperbole," and "Blues for Dave," but also works on the lovely ballad "Midnight Rain." Conticchio is a solid soprano player as well with a full dancing sound best shown on "Askolds Waltz." Conticchio is a saxophonist who can play with gravitas and has respect for the entire history of his instrument.” Jerome Wilson, Cadence Magazine 3 ½ Stars - David Wilson, Wilson & Alroy Record Reviews