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Heidi Martin, HIDE (Heidi Martin Music)

Heidi Martin, HIDE (Heidi Martin Music)

HIDE is collection of songs that lyrically are socially prolific & provocative over jazz & neo-soul grooves...Singer-songwriter Heidi Martins "WHY DO I?" makes its film debut in the documentary about the 1967 Newark riots, REVOLUTION 67. The husband and wife team - Emmy-nominated filmmakers, Jerome Bongiorno & Marylou Timbaldo Bongiorno are now screening the film as a part of the 27th Annual IFP Market in New York. The documentary focuses on the riots and takes us through to the present day.

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1. Black Gandhi 03:21 $0.99
2. Ism 02:12 $0.99
3. Memphis 05:53 $0.99
4. workin' harder 03:25 $0.99
5. Rice 03:10 $0.99
6. why do I ? (hide) 03:56 $0.99
7. peaceful 05:57 $0.99
8. trading glances 03:30 $0.99
9. your life 04:45 $0.99
10. wanna be 02:47 $0.99
11. mayflower 05:36 $0.99
12. I wanna comfort you 03:20 $0.99
13. my father left us for the moon 02:59 $0.99
The instrumentation is spare and appropriate, permeated by the electric piano, organ, and harmonica, a breezy stroll through the Civil Rights movement at a level deeper than the political could ever achieve. Miss Martin has a vision, one of oneness with all and she promotes this vision with lyrics like these. She also steers toward the personal, articulating those things we often want to keep toourselves but benefit most from talking about (“Why Do I ? Hide"). The bouquet is distinctly Southern, one that deepens with subsequent listenings. Lyrically, it is a musical biopic of the 21st Century American South-the sticky sensuality and dusty prejudice that endures, never changing. Musically, Hide is the same, but sparingly so, Muscle Shoals and Memphis distilled to the pure essence. The instrumentation and musical arrangements are like the drop of water added to the sacramental chalice-the vehicle for the lyrics to manifest in the aural sea of forgiveness. Hide is a demanding, inventive recording that pays the listener dividends in thoughtful consideration and insight. C. Michael Bailey (All About Jazz, Senior Reviewer) Heidi Martin- Johnson-vocals, piano, composer Eric Revis-electric and upright bass Dana Murray-drums, producer Gregoire Maret-harmonica Orrin Evans-piano on rice and peaceful Kahlil Kwame Bell- percussion rice and workin harder Jamal Brown-flute on rice James Hurt-b3, rhodes on black gandhi Thor Madsen-guitar on why do i? Badal Roy-tablas on ISMhorn section on why do I? and I wanna comfort you... Sherman Irby-alto sax, Vincent Gardner-trombone, Sean Edmonds- trumpet. Producer: Dana Murray Executive Producer: Heidi Martin Music and Carl Ford of Black Nexxus Music Recorded at: Sear Sound Jan 2000Engineered & Mixed by Dana Murray and Thor madsen, Zebulan Sound and Light Feb 04 and Oct04Engeneered by Dana Murray and Saul Rubin.