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Louis Scherr & Tommy Cecil, The Song Is You (Timeless)

Louis Scherr & Tommy Cecil, The Song Is You (Timeless)

Louis Scherr and Tommy Cecil come together as a result of their love for the acoustic, intimate sound of a duo. They use as points of reference, among others, the music of Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Paul Chambers, Scott LaFaro and Charlie Haden. What they give to the listener is a feeling of rhythmic buoyancy and at the same time a lyrical approach in both their repertoire and in their performance.

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1. Happy Birthday Louis 4:01 $0.99
2. B Flat Minor Bossa 6:08 $0.99
3. Janet's Lullaby 5:03 $0.99
4. The Fire Cat 4:12 $0.99
5. Halley's Comet 6:06 $0.99
6. I've Told Ev'ry Little Star 3:31 $0.99
7. Yesterdays 5:45 $0.99
8. In Love In Vain 5:16 $0.99
9. The Song Is You 3:53 $0.99
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS, Cecils lively, up tempo composition, uniquely combines a 4/4 melody over a 3/4 rhythm. The introductory solo piano ushers in a graceful melody, capped by an artful improvisation solidly grounded in traditional jazz idiom. B FLAT MINOR BOSSA is Cecils lyrical tune based on a samba rhythm and played with a melancholy feeling. JANETS LULLABY, is a beautiful lullaby performed with great tenderness and a delicate touch. The improvisation fits the lullaby theme very well indeed. THE FIRE CAT is Scherrs up tempo piece, enriched by Chick Coreas and Bill Evans influence. Rhythmically, this is probably the strongest bass improvisation on this disk. Cecil uses a lot of the high register notes, which allows him to obtain a more percussive sound. HALLEYS COMET is a most complex and memorable composition that manages to unify seemingly disparate classical and jazz elements. The four Jerome Kern songs, in addition to being well-arranged, are played with spontaneity and style that enhance the beauty of Kerns music. Scherr and Cecil are certainly the most interesting duo 1 have heard in the last few years. They are wonderful performers whose music is at once subtle and communicative. Virtually every Scherr andCecil composition could become a standard. Their music is compelling enough to appeal to almost everyone. Scherrs and Cecils sensitivity and imagination make this compact disk an important event!  Adam Makowicz