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Louis Scherr, Speak Loco (DigDisJazz)

Louis Scherr, Speak Loco (DigDisJazz)

Pianist and composer Louis Scherr is featured on this wonderful recording of jazz sambas. Recorded live in 1998, Louis is joined by Claudio Roditi - trumpet, Romero LuBambo - guitar, Nilson Matta - bass and Duduka Da Fonseca - drums.

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1. No Estilo Carioca 5:06 $0.99
2. Amando a Toa 8:27 $0.99
3. Speak Loco 7:18 $0.99
4. Velas 6:16 $0.99
5. Rozanova 4:43 $0.99
6. Cereja Garcia 6:32 $0.99
7. Atropela 3:58 $0.99
8. Ballad 6:03 $0.99
9. The Monster and the Flower 7:03 $0.99

All compositions by Louis Scherr except Velas Ė Ivan Lins The Monster and the Flower Ė Claudio Rofoti & Ricardo Silveira
Recorded live at Warm Valley Studio, Washington DC August 23, 1998
Recorded and mixed by Louis Scherr
Mastering by Richard Roeder at Roeder Studio, Monkton Md.
Photos of Louis Scherr by Mariko Ota
Art Coordination by June Sato
© 2006

"My first professional gig as a pianist was playing with a Latin dance band in Puerto Rico.It was a very unusual start for a classically trained pianist; especially one who hadnít learned to improvise yet, didnít speak Spanish, and couldnít tell the difference between a mambo and a cha cha! Luckily there was music to read, that I was good at, and the only Spanish I needed to learn was a few words so I could sing backup vocals.After a few years of steady gigs, my Latin repertoire grew and I was improvising montunas.This Latin music experience permeated throughout my musical career as I developed playing other styles and began learning jazz."

"As a jazz pianist Iíve always enjoyed playing Brazilian music, especially bossa nova and samba. The songs themselves have a soothing calming effect especially when they are mixed into a set between high-energy straight-ahead jazz tunes. Often I would play standard jazz tunes with a Brazilian beat. This would add a new dimension to the music almost transforming the tune into a new piece."

"My love for the samba rhythm elevated to the next level not on the bandstand but in my recording studio when I was a recording engineer for a number of sessions by Brazilian musicians in the area. After hour upon hour of overdubbing surdo, pandeiro, cavaquinho, and other percussion instruments for a batucada, I felt like I was living and breathing the samba beat. It was during this period of my life that I began composing the music for this recording."

"Back in 1998, I had the opportunity to perform with some of the top Brazilian jazz players in New York: Claudio Roditi and Trio da Paz for a weekend in Washington DC at the Nest Jazz Club. On the gig we played some of my compositions. Their musical magic made my compositions come alive. The weekend went so well that I invited the group to record in my studio before they returned to New York. They happily agreed and came by on a Sunday afternoon. We recorded all 9 tunes in one afternoon and by evening they were on their way back to New York."