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Jazznost, Joint Venture (Timeless)

Jazznost, Joint Venture (Timeless)

The Soviet-American Jazz Quartet, Jazznost features Louis Scherr - piano, Tony Martucci - drums, Sergei Gurbeloshvili - sax, and Victor Dvoskin - bass.

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1. Zsa Zsa 5:47 $0.99
2. Hail To The Chief 10.21 $0.99
3. Familiar Motif 6:54 $0.99
4. Santorini 9:33 $0.99
5. Suspension 6:28 $0.99
6. Polushko Pole 9:07 $0.99
7. Psychological Compatibility 5:27 $0.99
8. Sergei's Blues 7:14 $0.99
Louis Scherr, while touring Russia with bassist Tommy Cecil in 1990, was introduced to Russian bassist Victor Dvoskin (who loaned Tommy a bass to play at the 1st International Jazz Festival in Moscow).  Dvoskin invited Scherr to perform with him in Kiev and after a very successful concert they decided to form the group Jazznost. This recording was made during Victor and Sergies first American tour with the group.   Recorded live to two track digital on 12 March 1991 Recorded at Washington, D.C. Engineering Consultant Richard Roeder, Produced by Louis Scherr